Washers & Shims

With the help of our experienced workforce, we are manufacturing a wide range of shims & thrust washers. The thrust washers are used as a bearing surface for rotary applications. These are designed to prevent movement along the axis of a shaft. Further, our thrust washers are used in high-wear applications like transmissions, power take-off, pumps, axle assemblies, motors and winches. Our products use in Tractors, Two-wheelers, Four-wheelers, heavy & light commercial vehicles, auto engines, transmission etc. Apart from this, the shim washers that we offer are made from superior grade raw materials like aluminum, copper and tin coated iron foil etc. These are used to maintain the gap and getting the proper height. Our range is also useful to synchronizing two machine bodies with each other. These can be availed at the most economical and industry leading prices.

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Comman Rail Tester

Our wide array of Inline High Pressure Supply Pump is available in diverse designs and modals to suit the variegated requirement of our clients. We supply premium quality inline high pressure supply pump that is used to pump a variety of industrial liquids. These uses extremely high pressure in order to ensure efficient pumping and supplying of the matter. Features: • No suction & priming problem. • No need of pump house. • Noiseless operations. • High operating efficiency, • Water lubricated bushes. • Highly durable water cooled rewindable motor • Stage casing and impellers are made of stainless steel. • Can be easily dismantled and repaired. • Designed for wide voltage fluctuations. Applications: • General purpose grease lubrication unit • For high pressure viscous grease pump Range: Pressure: up to 30 mPa Air supply: up to 0.7 mPa


Repair/Gaskets Kits

These are inline pumps used for small low speed Diesel Engine. The flange mounted fuel injection pump is cam-operated, spring return plunger pump of constant-stroke. The fuel delivery is controlled by the angular displacement of the plunger with regulating edge according to the instantaneous output charge of the diesel engines. The angular displacement of the plunger is derived from the regulating bar acting on the plunger control sleeve. High pressure pumps works on cylindrical mechanism which creates a reciprocating motion along an axis. It then builds pressure in a cylinder to force fluid through the pump. The pump is a reciprocating pump that uses a plunger to move media through a cylindrical chamber. The pressure developed in the chamber because of the mechanism actuates the valves at both the suction and discharge points. Special Features: • Indigenously developed, high reliability • Minimal maintenance, all parts available off the shelf • Quick cool down • Designed for continuous operation Our range of high pressure pump is variedly applied as: * For General Cleaning * For Vessel /Reactor Cleaning * For Tube Cleaning of Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Evaporators and Condensers * For Motorized Hydro Test application

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