Overflow Valves

We offer an all encompassing range of overflow valves. The function of overflow valve is to allow passage for fuel from the filter, back to the fuel tank. This flow of fuel takes place only if the pressure inside the filter assembly exceeds a set pressure limit. Our overflow vales are manufactured using superior quality chrome plating and valve steel series- EN18D, EN24, EN52,EN54, EN59(214N) (Non-Magnetic/Bimetal) with varied hardness from 20HRC to 50HRC. Available in over sizes, these engine valves are extensively used in automobiles, tractors, industrial & diesel engines, generators and two wheelers. We offer our range of valves in different customized dimensions depending upon the requirements of our clients. These valves are most reasonable in rates.

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Test Benches

Excellent quality Test Benches are available with us. We manufacture test benches with TMT-800 / MTH-1200 E NIMCORP and have 8 cylinders. They have stroke counter and electronic timer that can count 100-1200 in steps of 100 strokes. We offer our test benches with low and high pressure oil supply which have soundless gear pump. The test benches are suitable for wide range of fuel injection pumps including rotary and distributor types and cover every possible requirement for testing the full range of pumps. Very high precision indeed is demanded for the fuel delivery, port closing and speed control of modern diesel fuel injection systems-primarily so that optimum fuel consumption/power output ratios can be achieved. They are available in different models as per the requirement and specifications of the clients. We take orders from the bulk buyers and deliver products with in the stipulated time span. These are used for evaluating: • Engine Torque v/s Speed Characteristic • Brake Horse Power (BHP) • Frictional Horse Power (FHP) • Indicated Horse Power (IHP) • Fuel consumption at rated torque • Mechanical efficiency • Thermal Efficiency • Air-fuel ratio Use: The test benches are used for testing injection nozzle opening pressure, leakage Spray pattern, automization & chatter characteristic tests.

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Single Cylinder Pumps

These are inline pumps used for small low speed Diesel Engine. The flange mounted fuel injection pump is cam-operated, spring return plunger pump of constant-stroke. The fuel delivery is controlled by the angular displacement of the plunger with regulating edge according to the instantaneous output charge of the diesel engines. The angular displacement of the plunger is derived from the regulating bar acting on the plunger control sleeve. High pressure pumps works on cylindrical mechanism which creates a reciprocating motion along an axis. It then builds pressure in a cylinder to force fluid through the pump. The pump is a reciprocating pump that uses a plunger to move media through a cylindrical chamber. The pressure developed in the chamber because of the mechanism actuates the valves at both the suction and discharge points. Special Features: • Indigenously developed, high reliability • Minimal maintenance, all parts available off the shelf • Quick cool down • Designed for continuous operation Our range of high pressure pump is variedly applied as: * For General Cleaning * For Vessel /Reactor Cleaning * For Tube Cleaning of Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Evaporators and Condensers * For Motorized Hydro Test application

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